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"Deborah Trenchard is a phenomenal woman: kind, insightful, tenaciously optimistic. Experienced in using the North Star methodology, she has been coaching people with great success for nearly three decades. Her charm and positive energy make working with her a boost for the spirit, as well as a productive process for the mind. Deborah’s wealth of experience, combined with her familiarity with cutting life-coaching tools, makes her a coach you can rely on whatever your life circumstances."

Dr. Martha Beck,
Life Coach to the Oprah Show

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated? Can’t figure out what to do with your life? Perhaps you’re on a journey you’d rather not take, or a transition that is proving too difficult to traverse. Is it possible that your circuits are so wired with fear that you are terrified to make a change, or take a risk?

My bespoke life coaching service (for individuals and small groups) helps people affirm their values; pin-point their goals; discover their strengths; identify their barriers/fears, and accomplish the unexpected. With my wealth of experience I am wholly commitment to excellence. I coach with one objective in mind: positive results.

Nearly thirty years ago I first discovered my talent for encouraging others to achieve their goals. This was long before life coaching became a ‘popular’ concept. Back then it was called ‘guidance’. Occasionally, I run into some of those people who are delighted to tell me about their progress. They say how much I’d inspired them, helped them during the times they felt lost and confused, lacking in self-esteem; the times they doubted their own ability to take a risk; let go of inhibiting beliefs, and ‘go for it’. These people were 100% committed to their ambitions. How committed are you?

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. Lao Tzu

People describe me as: optimistic, frank, caring, supportive and inspiring. ‘Live it to give it’ is Martha Beck’s motto. It says I’m transparent, authentic and open. Maturity also tells me that it’s not possible to give, authentically, from a place of emptiness. Can you give from an empty cup?

Remember, life coaching is a powerful and effective method used to encourage people to find their passion, follow their dreams, unravel their chaotic, and sometimes conflicting thoughts, see their options; stay focused as they take the necessary steps to change. It is quicker and easier than if they were to work alone.

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Deborah Trenchard is vibrant, encouraging, connected and caring…the people who work with her will be lucky –
Michele Woodward, Master Life Coach, Washington D.C.

Deborah, you make people feel good about themselves. You make them believe they can achieve their goals……..
Helen Ferriday, Hertfordshire, UK

Deborah is insightful, straight forward and very good at getting to the point... A real source of inspiration.
Louise Bouwer, Cape Town, SA