What Others Say

“From the outset I knew Deborah was a ‘Wayshower’. Her strength and positive energy made me feel comfortable enough to ‘explore’, objectively, ‘my own authenticity’. I needed to take stock of my life; find a new way through. As a single mother, I had been through a re-birthing process myself – psychologically and spiritually. Previous to my daughter’s birth I had a few cards of tragedy dealt to me, which I survived. Deborah has facilitated me ‘finding me’ again. One of my favourite quotes makes me think of her is: "Let me tell you, I've been to hell and back and it was wonderful" Anon

Deborah’s enormous heart, wealth of wisdom, experience, and courageous spirit, conveys gratitude. She gives others permission to shine. She really knows the art of living and how to live it well. And she does have a rather infectious giggle, too!"
Stella Fairbairn, Singer/Songwriter, Author, UK

“Deborah works with genuine concern for the well-being of her clients. That loving support can make an all-important difference to one’s personal outcomes. If you are running away from the things you know need to be done, or said, she will help you find reserves you didn’t know you possessed.”
Shirley Binghams, Teacher, UK

“Deborah is one of the most inspirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting. When I started coaching with her my life was an absolute mess. I lacked confidence; I disliked my body. Because of her forthright approach, I am, for the first time, focusing on my strengths; realising that my life is limitless. I’m thrilled with my progress. My confidence is growing. Bit-by-bit! Deborah is a woman with integrity.”
Suzanne Farrow Retail Manager, UK

“I appreciate your wisdom and can certainly relate to how your experiences of adversity have enriched and empowered you. You are indeed a role model for women. Thank you for the inspiration…”
Katherine Dome, Vocal Coach, Washington, D.C.

“Deborah, you are enthusiastic, positive and lively. You also have a genuine interest in people. Your spontaneous way of getting patients together and helping them feel optimistic during your hospital visits is cheering to everyone.”
Eve Cartwright, PALS Manager, London


£85.00 per hour for telephone coaching

£120.00 per hour for face-to-face sessions

There is a 20 percent discount if you book 3 or more sessions

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“Deborah’s charm is infectious; her coaching methods, unrivalled. My life went from dull and confused to confident. She’s value for money!”
Ruth Simpson, Assistant Bank Manager, UK




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